Competitive Analyses

Benchmark your performance against your competitors

competitive analysis vancouver

Identify your business’s strengths and weaknesses

Competitive analysis is a strategy for gaining insights into the products, sales, and marketing strategies of major competitors. Conducting a competitive market analysis can help you implement stronger business strategies, avoid competition, and capture market share.

what can i expect with a competitive analysis?

You will receive more specific information about your competitors’ approaches from Wet Coast Marketing, including:

  • The features of the website (search tools, product images, design/layout, etc.)
  • Detailed customer experience elements (checkout workflows, customer support, mobile UX, etc.)
  • Copywriting techniques (product descriptions, call-to-actions, etc.)
  • The social media strategy (channels used, frequency of posting, engagement, etc.)
  • Blog topics and content types (content types, blog topics, etc.)
  • Promotional tactics (types of promotions, frequency of discounts, etc.)
  • Email marketing approach (Newsletter, abandoned cart emails, promos, etc.)
  • Customer reviews (language used around products, recurring complaints, etc.)

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