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Ever wondered about the impact a finely-tuned LinkedIn profile could have on your career?

Well, it's time to consider it!

Your LinkedIn profile should be more than just a carbon copy of your resume. If you’re aiming to level up in your professional journey, you’ve got to get your LinkedIn profile in front of the right people—those headhunters and HR Managers who scour LinkedIn daily in search of top-notch talent. That’s where Wet Coast Marketing comes in. We specialize in optimizing your LinkedIn profile for your dream job, making you stand out in the world of recruitment searches.

Here’s What We Bring to the Table:

Crafted to Perfection: We’ll create a LinkedIn profile packed with carefully selected keywords that’ll make you irresistible to headhunters.

Enhanced Search Visibility: Take charge of your online image so that when someone Googles you, they see the best of you.

Managing Suspicion: If your current boss gets curious about your LinkedIn activity, we’ve got some expert advice for you.

Networking Strategies: Learn the ropes and get tips on how to make the most of your networking opportunities.

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If you're an executive or an entrepreneur, we've got you covered:

Optimized LinkedIn Profile

  1. We’ll thoroughly evaluate your current online brand.
  2. Research your online competitors to find unique opportunities.
  3. We’ll have a conversation about your ambitions, strengths, and achievements.
  4. Your profile will be crafted with language that sets you apart.
  5. We’ll ensure you rank well in Google and LinkedIn searches.


Optimized LinkedIn Profile Platinum

On top of everything mentioned above, our Platinum package includes:

  1. We’ll suggest the best LinkedIn groups for you to join.
  2. You’ll get two hours of personalized training to supercharge your LinkedIn networking, approach potential employers like a pro, and master online tools for effective LinkedIn management.


Elevate your LinkedIn game with Wet Coast Marketing and open up new opportunities on your career journey.

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