We Believe In The Power Of Community And The

Importance Of Giving Back

Our commitment to social responsibility drives us to support organizations that make a significant impact in the lives of those in need. Through our partnerships and donations, we aim to contribute to a world where everyone has the opportunity for a good life. We are proud to support PLEA, Children of the Street, and Protect Frontline Workers.
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PLEA’s vision is a world where everyone has the opportunity for a good life and everyone counts. This organization is dedicated to delivering unique services, tailored to individual strengths and needs, to children, youth, adults, and families facing significant challenges. Their goal is to ensure that all individuals can live fulfilling lives within their communities. 
PLEA’s Greatest Need Fund
Our donations to PLEA’s Greatest Need Fund assist in a variety of ways. Whether it’s providing immediate crisis support or contributing to the long-term stability of their programs and services, we are committed to making a difference. Our contributions help ensure that the basic needs of the youth served by PLEA are met, and support the legacy of PLEA’s vital services.
PLEA’s Children of the Street: Protecting Our Youth
Children of the Street is dedicated to preventing the sexual exploitation and human trafficking of children and youth in British Columbia. Through educational programs, public awareness initiatives, and family support, they strive to create a safer environment for our children. We stand with Children of the Street in their mission to safeguard our youth from exploitation, contributing directly to their life-changing programs.
Protect Frontline Workers is dedicated to enhancing community support in times of need. PFW’s mission extends beyond providing personal protective equipment (PPE) and harm reduction tools to frontline workers. They believe in the power of community engagement and support, which is why they also contribute to initiatives that bring warmth and comfort to those facing challenging times.
In addition to their core mission, they proudly support communities through their partnership with Ronald McDonald House, providing handmade quilts that offer a sense of home and comfort to families during their stay. Their commitment to spreading joy extends to the holiday season, where they organize handmade toy drives, ensuring children in need receive a token of happiness and care.
Through these initiatives, Protect Frontline Workers strives to create a more supportive, caring, and connected community. Their efforts go beyond emergency situations, aiming to bring solace and joy to those in need throughout the year.