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About Us

We stop at nothing

to address your customers’ core needs, showcase the end-to-end, agile solutions your customers desire, and position you as the essential trusted partner, ready to deliver the outcomes your customers seek.

We Love To Explore​

and learn about an array of different businesses, we also learn about people on a personal level. For us, this is definitely one of the most intriguing aspects of marketing and working with clients. 

We Take It Step-By-Step

because without a defined strategy, you’ll just be flinging things at the wall and seeing what sticks. That’s expensive, takes time, and is resource-consuming.

we Keep It Simple

because in order to save your business time and money while driving growth, we streamline the marketing tools, services, and processes.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

strategic partners you can trust

In a way that traditional agencies can’t, we truly partner with and extend your marketing team.

Our team is made up of curated experts committed to developing category-defining brands and digital experiences that influence culture and connect people.

Our strategies push human experience boundaries in a digital-first world, defining the brands of our partners. 

How we will work together

An initial discovery call. Talk to senior strategists about your marketing challenges.

Develop a strategic plan. You will receive a roadmap for achieving your goals.

Customized Solutions. You can choose the scope, budget, and timeline that are most appropriate for your organization.

Let’s rock! As a part of our partnership with your team, Wet Coast Marketing will begin executing for quality results.

Vancouver Digital Marketing

tested and proven


In order for a digital project to be successful, it needs to be carefully executed according to a streamlined process. 

Almost 2 decades of experience has helped us develop an agile, iterative, incremental approach.

Projects of all sizes and complexity have proven successful using this methodology.

meet our amazing team located in Hastings-Sunrise, Vancouver BC

The Faces Behind Your Success

Britt Dolleren

Creative Director and Digitial Marketing Expert with over 18 years of experience
Britt at

Adam Eric

Developer with over 7 years of experience
Adam at

Increase Sales With Wet Coast Marketing



On average, analytic solutions returned $13.01 for every dollar invested.
— Nucleus Research



A website that is emotionally focused converts three to four times better than one that is not.
— André Morys, Conversion Expert



Compared to their competitors, companies measuring web and marketing performance have improved their profits by 126%.
—  McKinsey



Revenue growth is 50% higher for organizations that use available web and marketing data.
— Dell Global Technology Index

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