The Importance of HTTPS For eCommerce Sites

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What are your strategies for increasing your online sales? When it comes to showcasing your products on your website, following some simple tips and tricks aren't as difficult as you might think.

Ensure that your business and therefore your products and services are viewed by your customers as relevant to what they are looking for – do they solve their problem or do they answer their query?

Make sure it is clear what your customers want.

In order to confirm that your product or service landing page contains a complete, in depth description of what your customer is looking for once they land on your site, you will need to confirm that they are indeed looking for the right solution – which is accomplished by ensuring your product or service landing page contains a full, detailed description.

The following information should be included:

  • Full name of the product or service
  • Please give a high-level description (you can bullet point these for ease of reading)
  • Tabs containing the full product/service description or a PDF download to give your customers a full specification
  • The images should show the product from all angles, and ideally show the product being used ‘in situ’
  • Videos showing your product being used by customers – consumers are visually engaged, so this is the best way to showcase your product.

Make sure your customer knows the facts right away so they don’t have to guess.

Provide your customer with options.

Include all of the variations available for your product or service, for instance, if you are selling beauty products, show off all of the colors, sizes, and pack quantities. Additionally, you can possibly turn this into an opportunity to upsell your customer by offering them a larger size than they originally thought was available.

Take advantage of the opportunity right away.

Businesses make the mistake of displaying products that are not in stock on their website. When a customer has read all the information about your product only to find that what they want isn’t available, this creates a negative user experience. This is only appropriate if you offer your users the option of entering their email address to be notified when a product is back in stock – and you must be sure to reply via email once a product returns to stock otherwise you will run the risk of being thought of as unreliable.

Build trust

Nowadays, users are much more inclined to read your existing customer reviews and feedback. This creates a sense of trust in the product or service and encourages confidence in your company.

Provide transparency

Furthermore, you should be upfront about how you will deliver the product. When your customers add something to their basket only to find that the delivery costs are too high or that they will have to wait too long to receive their order, this becomes a barrier to conversion – this is especially important for “distressed” purchases.

You could use the example of selling laptop batteries to your customer – if your customer works from home, and needs the item immediately, finding out that the delivery will take 10 days will create negativity with your existing or potential new customers, and they will click off your website and onto a competitor’s.

You will find that if you follow the tips and tricks above, some of which you are probably already doing, you will be able to solve your customers’ problems, answer their questions, and then thereby increase your online sales.

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