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Before we can understand what a logo is, we must first understand what it does. The purpose of a logo is to identify a company. Logos are marks, flags, symbols, or signatures that identify a company or product. The logo does not describe a business or sell it directly. Businesses use logos to identify themselves, not to explain what they do. Essentially, it reflects a brand’s style and meaning. This is why it’s important to choose the right one since it can convey a lot. Who designs the logo plays a major role in its success. You should hire a professional graphic designer, but make sure to review their previous work and like what they’ve done. Having a portfolio of excellent logo design examples can give you greater confidence in their abilities. It’s their job to do that, so trust them.

Here are 5 reasons why investing in professional logo design is a good idea.

#1 Making a good first impression

When it comes to business costs, there are some things in life that are worth the investment. Well-designed logos increase your chances of doing business with potential customers. In reality, it’s not you who makes the first impression. It’s your logo that does it. Online profiles are the first thing someone looks at to determine if they are interested in you. When they are, they will contact you to get a quote.

In most cases, logos are the first graphic from branding people see, and they appear everywhere. From business cards to brochures and, of course, a website that everyone can access. Your customers or readers won’t stay long if it doesn’t resonate with their target audience and reflects a professional style. For instance, if you have a t-shirt brand, customers might think your products are cool if your logo looks cool. How do you feel about a law firm that has a low-budget logo that is pixelized? Does it give you the impression that it is an established company? Obviously not, so remember that.

Building trust is #2

It can be challenging to start a new business. Keep in mind that before someone tries your product or service, they assess its appearance. The presence of a professional logo design as part of a brand’s identity immediately creates trust. A strong brand identity can motivate someone who doesn’t know anything about your business to show interest in your products. Your business can also build loyalty as it grows and gains fans over time. Authenticity and genuineness can’t be faked by companies. Brands have to deliver a lot to consumers because they are smart. An emotional connection between a brand and its customer is more than just a great product or service. It’s the passion and cause at the core of the organization.

In order to create a logo, there is no magic formula. There was a different logo design that was most trusted in almost every industry. Based on research, the most trusted logo design in jewelry retail is a horizontal style in purple and silver, and in financial services, it is an outline style in green and forest green. Therefore, there are no significant differences in the most trusted logo designs across age, gender, and region. Different designs work for different industries, so in order for your logo to build trust, you need to know what works for your product/service category. It is therefore essential to hire a professional designer.

#3 Having a good idea isn’t enough

There are hundreds of brands people interact with every day, so you have milliseconds to grab their attention. In addition to promoting your blog or business in the future, a professional logo will also make your brand easier to remember. It’s not just about having a good idea when creating a logotype, it’s about the process of making it. There are several elements that every designer needs to think about, such as the brand mission, values, target market, and competition, as well as setting the right visual composition – optical balance, color selection, and of course the key element.

Logo designers need to consider not only the visual appearance and meaning of a logo, but also the options for developing a visual brand identity and implementing it on promotional materials. You can certainly get the entire brand guide with brand standards and material consistency, which clearly communicates professionalism and stability to consumers, depending on your needs and agreed-upon service with the designer. A professional logo is one of the good reasons to invest in it, depending on your needs and agreed-upon service with the designer.

#4 The right files for all branding materials and platforms 

Additionally, investing in a professional logo will ensure that your designer will send you all the files you need, whether they are for printing or web use. Your website will avoid pixelated logos or blurry elements, and your printed materials will avoid color variations. The wrong files will result if you produce your designs in online design tools like Canva, which limit your design options. Illustrator, which allows vectorization of graphics, is used by professional designers. This means that resizing geometric shapes will adjust them.

In case you are still unsure, remember this: without a professional logo and materials, people will not trust you and won’t pay for your product or service. You will be dissatisfied and eventually, you will have to hire a designer. Investing in a logo means more than getting a graphic with your business name, it also means getting all the specifics described in this post.

#5 The lifespan of the product is longer

In addition to creating a long-lasting logo design, a professional designer conducts extensive research. Because it wasn’t what you had imagined, you won’t have to worry about changing your logo in a couple of years. You might consider rebranding if you are changing your business center or targeting a different audience, but not if the original design wasn’t solid enough.

Rebranding is taking place among big brands that have been on the market for a long time. As an example, take Coca-Cola, the world’s most famous brand: by modernizing and changing the trends, Coca-Cola also changes the look of their logo, although the basic design remains the same. Think about rebranding as a revival of a brand built on strong foundations.

We at Wet Coast Marketing have built hundreds of professional logo designs in Vancouver and would be happy to have a free consultation with you about how we could help you. 

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