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Social media is a helpful tool for growing your brand as a small business owner. Over four billion people use social media platforms a day, including Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook.

The following are three extremely effective ways to connect your small business with scrolling eyes through your social media platform. In the next month, use these strategies to build client relationships or even make sales.

1. Keep an eye on trends

Understanding why people use social media is essential to taking advantage of it. However, trends do shift over time, so keep an eye on them. 

The top reasons given for using social media in January 2022 were:

  • Informing yourself about current events
  • Finding funny and entertaining content
  • Connecting with friends
  • To share videos and photos

To create successful content, you need to stay up-to-date on why and how audiences use social media. 

Think about making your own shareable funny photos and videos if your followers enjoy funny content or like sharing videos.

Brand awareness can also be increased by responding to viral memes. Posting about every meme that goes viral can annoy your followers, so use this strategy sparingly.

Using trending hashtags will also help you attract new audiences. 

Rather than using broad hashtags such as #love or #food, use niche hashtags mentioning your specific city or product. 

Are you aware that your Instagram biography can even contain hashtags? By using hashtags, you can make it easier for potential customers to find your page.

2. Engage the audience

Building relationships is the key to turning social media followers into customers. Having a high follower count or hundreds of likes may give you a feeling of accomplishment. 

Are you aware of how well you are engaging and connecting with your followers? Social media platforms all offer free analytics tools that track evidence of engagement, such as conversations and comments under various posts. 

Creating content that attracts the most engagement requires understanding your social media post’s success. Play with it, test it. Create different types of content and see which ones perform well.

You can also improve your relationship with your followers by replying to comments or questions. Keep your brand name intact by responding to comments in a polite and informative manner. Consider tagging your followers in Instagram Stories or Twitter posts to encourage further interaction.

Your brand could also be promoted via a Facebook group. Boosting loyalty to your company can be an easy way to do so.

Don’t be afraid to partner with nano- and micro-influencers specializing in your particular industry. Influencers with millions of followers can be expensive to hire, but micro-influencers are usually more affordable and a smart way for small businesses to grow. These influencers might even take a free product as payment.

3. Utilize a scheduling tool

It’s just as important when you post as what you post. If everyone doesn’t see what you post, why do it? 

There are general guidelines for posting on social media platforms that state when traffic is highest. However, these guidelines are not specific.

The best way to schedule social media posts

  1. Consider your specific customers and when they are most likely to check their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Consider holidays and events that may alter your customers’ schedules and scrolling times.
  2. When you have determined the best time to post, use a social media tool that allows you to automatically post at certain times, so you do not have to pull out your phone at precisely 1 pm each day.
  3. Produce quality content consistently. 

There is an old rule that 80% of posts should be for entertainment or information, while the remaining 20% should be for product or brand promotion. As you build a brand on social media, this is not a bad guideline to get you started. However, you will grow faster if you provide quality (researched and data-driven) content that your customers love.

You will soon see an increase in customers if you follow the recommendations above over the next month.

Interested in more social media posts? Here are more simple tips on how to grow your following!

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