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Often, it can seem nearly impossible to guarantee that your website and web design will actually be around for years to come.

It seems like industry standards are constantly changing. Digital marketing and social media strategies from a year ago are no longer relevant, responsive website design has gone from an optional luxury to an essential necessity, and how customers interact online has changed tremendously.

All good designers and developers understand that great web design is a never-ending task. You’ll never find one final standard for the very best website for your business, and your online presence will always be evolving.

Web design must be flexible and adaptable to new devices, technologies, and standards in order to stay current and become truly future-proof. It is inevitable that technology will change, but you must ask yourself whether it is worth having an online presence that will need to be completely reworked every time it does.

What Are The Benefits Of Your Website Design Being Future Proofed?
There are a number of reasons why your online presence must be effectively protected from the potential risks that new technology may pose to it.

You will quickly accrue costs if you are constantly overhauling your online presence. When a new piece of technology is released every time your website might be affected, you will most definitely go over budget and may even bankrupt yourself. The cost of creating a great website can be a bit high if it is done more than once a year, or even annually.

When your website is responsive, you don’t have to redesign it all the time – instead, you can gradually update it to ensure it keeps up with the best standards for user-friendly design.

Changing your website design constantly will definitely affect the user experience. Your visitors and customers will get used to a certain layout and become comfortable with it – removing it can alienate them and break any connection you might have had with them.

The brand identity and familiarity of your brand can be damaged by frequently updating your online presence. In addition to damaging your brand identity and cohesiveness, it indicates that your business isn’t sure of itself. The design, layout, and more of your business will become familiar to your customers, and constantly changing them is never a good idea.

What Can You Do To Make Your Online Solution Future-Proof?

  1. There are several different frameworks in use today, and each offers different ways of developing a website. Choose the Right Framework. In most cases, developers will use the same system since it is the simplest and most effective method, and it is usually up to them to choose which becomes the industry standard.

    You greatly increase the likelihood of your system remaining relevant well into the future when you base your online presence on the most popular framework.

  2. A completely platform-based website is a great idea because it allows for new functionality to be integrated as part of an external application programming interface (API). Platforms themselves must contain integration points, which are places where new functionality can be easily plugged in.

    Thanks to our partnerships with different platforms, Wet Coast Marketing is able to offer websites based on a variety of different platforms, each with its own advantages. There are many issues with WordPress, which is used by many basic web designers to work as the center of their online presence. As an example, there are many harmful, badly-designed plugins in the CMS as well as multiple security risks – the knowledge of what to use, and what not to use, matters.

  3. Choose the Right Host! An ideal host provider allows you to stage your site as you test plugins and designs. During the transition period, you will be able to test any updates and changes to your website so it can grow as it needs, though without risking any potential losses along the way.

    In the event that your host provider does not provide this service, look for one that does. Staging a website is a great way to ensure that it can be future-proofed.

    Your online platform must be hosted correctly in order to be used effectively. Your design will quickly fall apart if your host is cheap, but unreliable.

  4. The ability to edit your website options – Creating a website with a range of future-proof options may take a significant amount of effort, but it will ultimately save you money. Modern websites need to be flexible, and to do so, you should be able to use a simple CMS to make quick and easy changes. The days when developers had to make every change are long gone.

    It’s crucial that you choose a website development platform that allows you to make adjustments, to pages, content and other aspects, to ensure that you can truly benefit from a future-proofed website.

  5. Do You Have A Device-Ready Website? Even though there are still many mobile websites around, for the best results you want your site to be fully responsive. While responsive design is still a relatively new feature, it is a critical feature for most businesses.

How Does A Responsive Website Work? – Responsive eCommerce solutions are designed to adapt to the specifics of a specific device. Text, images, and videos can, for example, be adapted to fit the screen of a mobile device by adjusting the layout and size of the content.

A website that has evolved is the only way to guarantee that it is future-proofed
Our team at Wet Coast Marketing understands that technology and consumer expectations will continue to change. To be able to benefit from an online presence that is fully protected against the future, you must ensure that you are not left behind. In order to keep your customers happy, you will need to constantly develop your online presence.

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